To help to solve the greatest challenges businesses, governments and institutions face.



Proqis - derived from "Pro", which means “positive” that is the impact we intend to have, and “Qis” means “life balance and energy”, that is the higher outcome we want to delivery to both our employees and customers.  

Knowing we are solving the challenges and issues that matter is our guiding force, our inspiration and our why.

Our goal is to help executives find real-world, timely, need-to-know solutions and become their trusted source of knowledge, ideas exchange and networking.

We focus on researching and creating content superior business events, because it is one of the best medium to actively facilitate and encourage executives to exchange ideas and find solutions to the key issues facing them today. 

We convene the most influential experts to debate the most pressing commercial issues.



Our team’s mission is to build the best, large-scale content superior business events in the world, that deliver meaningful conversations between peers and appropriate solution providers, in an engaging environment.  

We produce trusted, content superior business conferences attended by many of the most influential businesses and institutions in the world.

Events designed to contribute to solving the burning issues senior executives are currently facing in their job functions and within their sector.

Our conferences represent the premier gathering of leading experts & very senior-level sector/business function focussed executives and industry leaders who are passionate about addressing their current burning need-to-know issues and next generation innovations.

Our team is headquartered in London and works globally, with events held across cities around the globe.

At the core, our conferences are research led, content driven, and solution rich.

Each event delivers vital, need-to-know, business information via best practice case-studies and interactive discussion formats, from leading industry experts, from the world’s leading organisations.

They provide an unparalleled opportunity to benchmark with an array of the world’s top experts, within your business function and sector.

Attendees leave our events buzzing with real-world practical and actionable solutions to the burning issues they are currently facing, and an expanded network of the cutting-edge experts in their industry to continue the dialogue with.


Our people are our greatest asset.


Researching and selecting industry practitioners that have solved the hardest, timely, and most challenging problems requires the best people. And the best people are in turn drawn to the opportunity to uncovering the hardest problems. These two elements are like a perfect circle and make our business strong.

We hire exceptional people, encouraged excellence, and follow robust topic generation & agenda creation processes.

Our people are all bound by a shared passion for creating the best content-driven conferences in our industry that present real-world solutions that have a significant impact.

We are all driven by a single goal, which is to help our attendees address their toughest challenges and present ground-breaking knowledge and solutions.

Our people are our greatest asset. We only hire exceptional people, who do what they do best, with successful track records, and a real passion for their jobs.

In turn, we intend to make them feel special, knowledgeable, respected and independent.